Discplinary Action Policy

If an employee commits any act against that particular organisation, organisational policies, illegal acts or involved in any crime or in any other situations, employer may take serious action against such employee. The action taken by the employer against employee is disciplinary action. The employee may be warned, suspended, dismissed or any other. It is mandatory to follow fair and transparent disciplinary procedure otherwise it may result into legal penalties or damages.

Every organisation need to create a disciplinary committee to take action against defaulted employees, to ensure fair and transparent action. The objective of adopting disciplinary procedure against employee is to further avoid such type of misconduct or improper acts. Sometimes, disciplinary committee can demote the employee or stop certain benefits or privileges to such employee.

There are two aspects to this:

  • The Employer should provide a reasonable ground or sufficient reason for the dismissal or removal of an employee from the job.
  • The process of disciplinary procedure should be fair and transparent; employer is free to implement its decision in fair process only.

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