Employees' State Insurance Scheme (ESIS)

What is the Employees' State Insurance Scheme?

The Employees' State Insurance Scheme (ESIS) is presided by the Employees' State Insurance Corporation (ESIC) under the supervision and statutory creation of the government of India through the Ministry of Labour and Employment. The Employees' State Insurance Act, 1948 came in force for providing comprehensive social security to the employees deployed in organized sectors and in furtherance of the introduction of the Employees state Insurance Scheme (ESIS) in the year of 1952 to achieve its purpose. The objective of ESIS is to protect the employees against sickness, maternity, disablement and death due to employment injury and to provide medical care to the insured employees and their families.


According to the latest notification issued by government of India, following establishments employing 10 or more employee is covered under this scheme are Shops, Hotels or restaurants not having any manufacturing activity, but only engaged in 'sales', Cinemas including preview theatres; Road Motor Transport Establishments, News paper establishments.(that is not covered as factory under Sec.2(12)), Private Educational Institutions (those run by individuals, trustees, societies or other organizations and Medical Institutions (including Corporate, Joint Sector, trust, charitable, and private ownership hospitals, nursing homes, diagnostic centers, pathological labs).

In some States coverage is for 20 or more employees. A few State government has not exceeded the ESIC to medical and Educational Institutions.

Full medical care to the employees registered under the scheme during the period of his incapacity for restoration of his health and working capacity.
Financial assistance to compensate the loss of his/ her wages during the period of his abstention from work due to sickness, maternity and employment injury.
In case the insured person dies due to employment injury, the widow, children, widowed mother are entitled to dependant’s benefit.

Medical care to his/her family members.

Reimbursement of expenditure incurred in funeral of deceased.

The nominee is paid any benefit due to the insured employee after his death.
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