Registration of documents

The registration of any document needs to be done as per the statutory requirements. Apart from the statutory reasons, in order to create a permanent record, it is always advisable to register any document related to property. Thegoverning statute has provisions relating to registration of all property documents. It specifies the documents that are compulsorily registrable and those that are not compulsorily registrable. It is a vital part of all tax filings, company filing and other government procedures where there is a requirement of verification of the genuineness of documents that are to be submitted.

We the Letscomply team, ensure fulfillment of the client's requirement of getting the documents registered in a hassle-free manner for our customers. Our team does all documentation. Our team of legal experts and field associates ensure the accurate data is gathered and the whole procedure of filing until registration with the registrar is done thoroughly.

Title Search Service

In order to keep pace with never ending demands of customers our company provides Title Search Service. Our service range is Title Search & Report service. We perform title search and provide legal opinion to real estate investors, companies, banks, mortgage companies and homeowners.

The title scrutiny widely covers the following:

  • Ownership Structure Report on ownership structure, joint tenants, individual, corporate, tenants in common, etc
  • Deed Copy the most recent deeds are made available duly certified
  • Document Book and Page Written location of the documents, showing book and page or document number
  • Legal Description of the property in legal parlance
  • Chain of Documents Details of previous owners of the property with chain documents
  • Possession Actual Possession of the property
  • Right of Way a Right of Way may have been issued to allow use by another party
  • Leases Recorded leases can affect the ownership and use of property
  • Mortgage Search Details of mortgage lender, amount of mortgage and date
  • Equity Loan Search Report of equity loans against the property
  • Tax Payment Search Details of tax payment in relation to the property
  • Bankruptcy Search Reporting the bankruptcy of the owner of the property
  • Tax Lien Search Title search for tax lien encumbrances on the property
  • Property Restriction Reporting of restrictions on sale like sale in case of a minor etc
  • Treasury Lien Search Check for unpaid Sales Tax, employment taxes, state licenses, etc
  • State Tax Search Check for unpaid Sales Tax, employment taxes, state licenses, etc
  • Property Zoning Zone under which the Property is located like Ecological Zone, Flood Zone, Earthquake Zone, Volcanic Belt etc
  • Property Easement Search Shows easements, right of way, etc
  • Title Abstract Document An official abstract document is provided - not just a deed report
  • Municipal Assessed Value In Metros the valuation is done by the Local Authority
  • Plot/ Survey Map Copy of official survey, if recorded
  • Power of Attorney this will show if the property owner has recorded an authorized party to act on his behalf with regard to property transaction
  • Special Assessment Any Special Assessment of the property being conducted or pending by the Local Authority

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