Whistle Blower Policy

What is "whistle-blowing" and who is a "whistle-blower"?

Although the concept of "whistle-blowing" itself is not new, the term 'whistle-blowing' has recently took a place in the corporate and financial sector after various major corporate scam cases were reported in India. Whistle-blowing can be termed as raising a concern of a wrongdoing in an organization. In technical terms, whistle-blowing is an act of disclosing, by an employee or a former employee, of what he believes to be unethical or illegal behavior. Disclosing such act to higher management is known as "internal whistle blowing", whereas the act of whistle-blowing to an external authority or the public is called "external whistle blowing". "Whistleblower" means an individual who does the act of whistle-blowing. In other words, a whistleblower is an employee or a former employee who exposes information regarding unethical or illegal behavior, fraud, corruption, deviation from the set of rules or mismanagement within organization.

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Benefits of having a well-structured whistle-blowing policy

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