Work audit is generally performed for the purposes of internal operations of the organizations. The main purpose of this audit is to understand all the policies of the organization and to streamline the internal operations. The process of policy alignment will assess the levels of HR, achieved by the organization. Apart from this, it is best to have HR audit in the same time to measure the impact of the changes. This audit may contrast the financial audit of the organization. The ultimate objective of this audit is to enhance efficiency of the employees and also make the best use of their skills for growth of the company. After completion of this audit, the organization may put efforts to make the necessary changes to compete with its competitors. This audit may help the companies or organizations in various ways, depending on the services or products provided by that particular organization. Operational or work audit will examine security and time management of the employees, and also physical setup of the business appearance. The final report submitted by auditor will assist you to improve workflow, efficiency and service to its customers and clients.

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