Litigation is a legal process initiated between two or more parties. It includes filing a lawsuit before any court of law for any civil case or other disputes among individuals. Litigation is a broad aspect, attorneys involved in various subjects, each legal professional have their own specialization. Litigation initiates when an individual infringes the right of another person or harassment or defamation or harm him/her by any other way. Litigation includes a lot of work, it requires deep investigation before filing a suit in a court of law, when the incident happened, how it occurred, and what kind of laws applicable or there is any violation of any rules or laws or need to search about remedies and evidence.

Arbitration is one form of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR), this method of ADR is a good choice to opt by the parties, especially in the business or commercial transactions. There are certain advantages to the parties through this arbitration such as the disputes are settled out of court, less expensive and completely private. The parties can appoint one or more arbitrators to settle the dispute, but the sole arbitrator is always preferred as it is less expensive and more efficient. The award of the arbitrator is final. If the parties are not satisfied with the arbitral award they can approach the court in the general procedure but they cannot challenge the arbitral award in the court. Most of the commercial contracts consist of an arbitration clause to settle the dispute between the parties.


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