Foreign Investment in India




Foreign Investment in India has been the immediate outcome of the liberal trade arrangements undertaken and executed by successive governments. The liberalization plan of the government aims at rapid and substantial outgrowth of the country’s economy and besides a suitable integration with the global economy. While foreign investment in India holds of investments made by overseas companies in India, the contrary, i.e. flow of foreign investment from India is also widespread in the Indian economy. Foreign investment in India has generated some excellent opportunities in the country in terms of making employment and improving the necessary infrastructure of the country.

Foreign Investment in India has vast potentials. Still, foreign investment in India has its proper share of benefits and problems. Overseas investors must make themselves well in advance to face adversities and trade with them competently. Some of the disadvantages that investors may have to face are bureaucratic troubles, infrastructural deficiencies, power shortages and sometimes political uncertainty. Notwithstanding these possibilities, India sponsors massive potential for global players to invest in the market. Many big overseas brands have already invested while lots of companies have programs in the pipeline to invest in India.

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