Initial Public Offering or IPO is the process of offering shares of a private company to the public for the first time. Young startups or MSMEs that have just started functioning and growing need capital and IPO is one of the most preferred strategies to raise money. In an IPO, the company needs to first determine the kind of security it wants to issue, the offering price and the amount of shares, with the help of investment banks. Companies prefer IPO as it allows them to issue Stock Options to employees and it eases the process of merger and acquisition as it allows the public company to use its share to acquire other businesses.

IPO requires a compilation of the financial performance and future activities of the business. It also requires an audit of the financial statements and filing of a prospectus. LetsComply’s virtual CFO services can help your business is getting ready for IPO by helping you with your financial reports and auditing at cost-effective pricing!

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