A property is divided into the movable and immovable property. The immovable property generally includes such as land, benefits arise out of the land, house, or any other things which are attached to the earth. The immovable property is defined in the Transfer of Property Act, 1882 and also in various other Acts. Every property has a title. The title is a legal term which means the right of ownership to the property. The title means the legal right of a person to hold any property or description of the authorized owner of a particular property and such authorization. The title can be confirmed by verifying official documents such as a deed, conveyance etc.


Title contains information such as legal owner, and date of ownership. The title is the evidence of the right of ownership.

Title verification is very important before the buyer intends to purchase a property, the same can be done by referring to relevant documents and deeds; such title verification may protect the buyer from the defective or improper title of the property. A title may have ownership but not possession always because a title is different from possession. The title can be transferred in accordance with the procedures of law.

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